‘Hook’ up some volunteer organizations!

Hey y’all! If you love to crochet and you love to help out in the community there are so many fun ways that you can use your crochet skills to make a difference. Whatever cause nips at your heart the most, search around! There are opportunities all over the place to spread love with yarn!

I’ll share a couple of links to places I’ve found that could use a few good hooks and you can check ‘em out! Make sure when searching that the organization stands for the things you believe in and find things that will truly help the cause. Well, you know the drill! Make sure they’re legit! Also, before you start your projects find out if there are certain sizes or items that they are most in need of, and be sure that you know if they are requesting you use certain brands of yarn; such as if you make chemo caps or baby blankets. They might want extra soft material to snuggle in or hats that can be worn year round!

You can also brainstorm for ways to help out locally alone or even get a group together and set a goal to make so many items by a certain date! You can make a bulk of easy little items in your spare time or you can set a challenge for yourself or group to auction and raise money for charity! Use your imagination! There are plenty of ways to make a difference! Crocheters matter!

Project Night Night

The Project Night Night mission is to provide Night Night Packages, free of charge, to homeless children from birth to pre-teen who need the childhood essentials to feel secure, cozy, ready to learn, and significant.  Each Night Night Package contains a new security blanket, an age-appropriate children’s book, and a stuffed animal — all nestled inside of a new canvas tote bag.

Okay, this picture will take you to the Soldier’s Angels site that will tell you all kinds of ways to send comfort and encouragement to our troops. What we’re probably looking for, however, is more specifically Operation Top Knot. I’ll make a link and put it right here in case you have as much trouble finding the specific information on OTK as I did!

Operation Top Knot

Their site says, “Our mission is to commend the women and children at home for their strength, to let them know we are proud of their sacrifices as well as their husbands’ and fathers’, and most importantly, to do what we can to support them during the emotionally challenging times of deployment.

Our dedicated volunteers knit, crochet, sew, quilt, and design blankets, booties, hats, onesies, bibs, and many more homemade gifts. We also assemble and deliver gift baskets full of goodies such as bottles, diapers, onesies, pacifiers, washcloths, grooming kits, and more.   Additionally, we make sure to remember Dad by sending “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” bubblegum cigars to wherever he is stationed.”

Knots of Love donates caps to men and women undergoing Chemotherapy, burn victims, brain surgery patients, head trauma patients, and individuals with Alopecia.

If you’re reading my blog and you live near Henderson, KY, I found this really wonderful no-kill shelter that would love attention. Check them out if you’re wanting to stitch out your love of animals somewhere! Remember to make a list of things you think will be fun to make and then go and ask your local shelter what they could use the most. For example, you don’t want to spend many months crocheting a large doggy blanket if you’re a new crocheter and then drop it off only to find out the dogs there like to chew and rip them apart and you woulda been better off to wash a large blanket from the Goodwill and cut it into four sections instead! On the other hand, though, they might gets lots of peaceful dogs or nappin’ kitties that would love a crochet blanket!

Crochet Pattern Central has many free patterns you can browse through to get patterns for many different types of pets! Crochet For Pets

If you happen to have an obsessive love for chickens, there are many farm animal sanctuaries that rescue hens from poor environments. Sometimes those chickens lose their feathers and for many other reasons I probably don’t understand, sometimes they need sweaters. Really! I’m not making it up! So here is a link to a crochet hen sweater pattern. They keep mentioning this place called Little Hen Rescue, but I can’t really find that link anywhere and I don’t think it’s in the USA anyway. I’m sure, though, that if you’re a chicken enthusiast it won’t take you any time at all to hunt down a sanctuary near you that wouldn’t laugh in your face if you mentioned you can crochet and would they like some hen sweaters! Here in Kentucky I found a place called Home At Last Animal Sanctuary that says it’s a place that rescues farm animals

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