Catwoman: The Game (New 52 vol. 1)

Catwoman: The Game (New 52 vol. 1)

Catwoman: The Game

This is one sexy comic! There are several panels that I gasped and had to show to my husband! He was impressed, tee-hee.

The artwork is captivating and Catwoman is drawn very…curvy. She moves gracefully and oozes seduction; whether she’s undercover or in the middle of an epic battle. Sly and sexy,she is most definately all I could hope for out of a cat-woman!

Volume one is packed with action and suspense. Catwoman loves testing her limits and living on the edge, and this gets her in over her head repeatedly! The writers do an excellent job of making me adore her so that I am effectively anxious when she’s in the process of placing her paws and setting her plans in motion. I get duly hooked when things fall apart and she has to use her clever brain to improvise a new plan of action. I get heratbroken when things go south for her social life and she struggles with her guilt. I feel fullfillment when she gets her way, and when she shurgs her shoulders each time and decides to throw caution to the wind and lunge right back into danger.

If I had to pick something I like the least about this comic, I’d say that I don’t believe her face necessarily has to look so, very twisted and ugly when she is crying or frustrated. Several times she goes from steamy-hot leather-clad domiatrix to seventy year old constipated librarian. (And not the cute-nerd librarian type, either.) Ha, ha, ha…but it didn’t put me off from enjoying every page, though.

It gets a little graphically violent in some places, and I was shocked at first because I wasn’t expecting it. I like the occasional angsty blood bath, though, and I’ll be ready to appreciate it more when I pick up volume two!! I recommend this comic to all Catwoman fans!!

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