Lego Batman 2 for the PS3

Lego Batman 2

Lego Batman 2  

I am in love with Lego Batman 2 for the Playstation 3! I love smashing every single pile of blocks that I can find to destroy so that I collect all the legos! I didn’t even know at first that I could buy new characters and vehicles with all the blocks, but I had no trouble affording them by the time I realized it.

My gamer sensai sat with me patiently and reminded me to read all the prompts on the screen that tell me what I’m supposed to be doing, when there is a task to accomplish, and which buttons to press to do it. He put in all kinds of codes for me before I started so that I wouldn’t have a lot of extra things to worry about while I’m trying to learn to play. My main focus now is learning the controllers and having fun while I’m doing it so that I don’t get frustrated and spooked from any games.

There is so much replay value for this game! There are citizens to rescue, blocks to hunt down that give you access to all kinds of neat stuff, and plenty of little side quests where you can beat bad guys to collect them as new playable characters. (Get the Riddler and the Joker first so you can collect the red blocks that there weren’t codes for.) The first time you play through the game on story mode is a blast, but then once you collect a bunch of new characters you realize that you want to go back and play the story again so that you can EXPLODE more blocks that you couldn’t before without the new characters. YEAH! EXPLODE!!!

The characters have so many different skills and I love them all! The free play map is huge! It’s funny and cute. I was hooked and wanted to explore every inch of the game. I plan on buying Lego Batman 2 later on because I wanted to send it back to Gamefly due to other games coming up soon that we’re going to want to try out.

I still have not mastered the joy stick, but this game let me use the directional buttons and the joystick so that I can learn to use the joystick yet go back to where I’m familiar if I get too frustrated.

If I had to pick one thing about this game I did’t like, it’s that the characters that fly are super hard to navigate in the air during the free play. I didn’t notice that much trouble on story mode. They were actually really smooth, but for some reason it is no longer a walk in the park once you go wild on the freeplay map.

All in all, I approve greatly of this game and recommend it to everyone!!

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