Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3


I’ve been watching Valtiel play Far Cry 3 while I crochet for hours now and he seems to be loving it! The story keeps pulling me into it and I forget to crochet, so it’s pretty entertaining. The story line is intense at points, but so far just pleasantly so because he’s getting plenty time to escape harm’s way to catch his breath. The scenery is awe-inspiring! The island is so lovely with the waterfalls and lush jungle. It’s fun to see the different animals that hop out and try to get him!

So I look down at my crochet mittens for a while and hear a guy on there smack talking. “I AIN’T SCARED OF YOU!” But then I look up and the same guy is tearing for his jeep, gets in, and peels out away from the beach. Valtiel says, “Sure you aren’t,” and I’m all like, “Of course he’s scared of you! Look at you! You’re covered in goat blood and holding C-4 explosive out in the open like it’s a candy bar and your on lunch break!” Hehehe…

The game is affording us many giggles because he’s able to play around on the missions and focus on my random questions as well. I’ve noticed him saying, “I have to find a goat,” Several times. Finally I’m like, “What, are you lonely? The mission giving you too much tension?” And he’s like, *snort* “Gross! No, I need to kill some goats.” I’m confused then. “Why? Because you’re feeling murderous, or you need goat parts to buy weapons or something? Who’s your supplier, Chupacabra?” Bud-dunk-ching! Of course he then explained. “No, you can fashion equipment, for example, a holster to hold more weapons and you can make health syringes out of plants, etc…”

Far Cry 3 is exceeding our expectations thus far, and Valtiel isn’t complaining about any flaws that he’s found, either! Now, back to the yarn; both the crocheting yarn and the yarn of the storyline!

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