Fan Drawings and Mortal Kombat Luvz

Fan picture I doodled for Gamer Nation.

Here lately I have been in a drawing mood, but I have so much fun crochet stuff to do for the fast approaching holidays that I don’t have too much time to feed the urge. I’ll share with you two fan drawings I’ve done for this awesome Facebook page called Gamer Nation. You should check them out some time! The First picture up there is a gaming couple that meant to hold up a Gamer Nation fan sign but then got distracted by their love of the game; of course!

For the second picture I used the me-Robin pose that I sketched from an image in a manga art book and traced around to design a lady version of Raiden from Mortal Kombat for one of the Gamer Nation admins named Scarlet. I LOVE Mortal Kombat so much, and Raiden is my most favorite character to play as. It’s really helped me to begin learning combination buttons on the controller for the PS3 and getting familiar with the concept of memorizing many different moves and blocks for a game. The picture is supposed to look like Scarlet, as well, and I hope I did a good job. She seems to like it! I plan on doing some more doodles for Gamer Nation ’cause they’re just so cool and entertaining…mood lifting, maybe? Yeah. They seem to be having so much fun with the page, and I think that makes all the difference.

scarlet raiden paint cropped

Scarlet version of Raiden from Mortal Kombat! “Thuder take you!”

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