More fan doodles!

Gamer Nation Christmas Pic

Hey guys! I’ve been at it again! Makin’ more fan art for Gamer Nation on Facebook. They’re so cool. Maybe I’ll make a Facebook page someday. From left to right: Scarlet (box), Zan (deer), Nova, Jumpman, Lavatron, Wackin’ It (deer), and Rudy (carrying the presents). I grabbed a Super Mario background online and then doodled around until I got a basic outline of the character’s actions. Then I used Microsoft Paint (Don’t laugh! I’m working on getting more advanced artistic software!) to blend them in and do all the detail work to make it flow more naturally. I feel I did a pretty good job! Yeah!

I also worked on designing Swamp Thing shoes for the hubby with fabric markers. I’ll post pictures after Christmas, but I don’t wanna chance spoiling his surprise right now!!!

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