Scrap and Leftover Yarn Storage


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to find better ways to store my yarn and also to find a neat project to use up my scrap yarn on. There are so many possibilities it’s going to be hard to choose!

Okay, I tried wrapping my scrap yarn around clothes pins like in this picture. It worked really nicely for a whole handful of leftover yarn, but I have a lot of half skeins of yarn that are limp and trying to fall apart and get tangled all in the drawers I keep them in. (Not to mention the tubs of yarn in the closets.) That much yarn would swallow these little clothes pins, but thread yarn and small bits are awesome on these clothespins and cute as well!


While looking for other storage tips I found this really awesome idea that would hold more yarn and keep it conveniently functional! Storing your yarn on empty toilet paper rolls! Then you get one of those fancy toilet paper dispensers and switch up the yarn rolls when you want to use that yarn so that it will feed right off the tube to your crochet hook!


I went to Walmart and found the roll dispenser that looks just like this. It’s only about $13 to $14 bucks. I picked it up and it feels heavy enough that it won’t till over when you tug at the yarn, which should just glide right off there to you! Such an awesome idea! The yarn that I wrapped around the rolls so far fits very nicely and looks very organized compared to the Ziplock sandwich bags I have been stuffing the half-skeins in! Now it takes up about a third of the space it did before as well.

To make sure the yarn stays in place, I’ve been cutting a little slit in each side of the row before I start. Then I put a couple of knots in a clump on one end of the yarn I’m going to coil and push the end of the yarn into that slit with the knot inside the toilet paper roll so that it will stay put. Then I evenly and snuggly wrap the yarn around the roll, (leaving at least a half-inch or so empty on both ends of the roll so the yarn won’t get any wild ideas about hopping off the sides), and then stick the very end of the yarn into the little slit I cut on the opposite side of the roll to keep it all in place.


My Scrap Yarn Plans

I’m definitely going to use this idea to store my scrap yarn. I like the idea of picking a project where you simply use one piece after another until it’s gone rather than picking a project where I try to tediously match up my scrap colors and try to judge if each piece is enough to do a center flower, border, or middle row.

What I’m going to do is attach the first piece of my scrap yarn to the roll wrap it around, then tie the next scrap piece onto the end and keep wrapping. I’ll do that, even if it takes several rolls, until all my scrap yarn is in an organized roll for me! Then all I’ll have to do in the future when I have scrap yarn is simply tie it onto the currently unfilled rolls until they’re full enough! No more scrap yarn filling bags and boxes everywhere! Yay! Then all I’ll have to do is find the perfect project for my scrap rolls!!


Ermegersh, you HAVE to check out this post and see what she did to keep track of what color/brand of yarn she has! It is genius!! She has a scrapbook and adds a tie of yarn to it-well it’s hard to describe, so just hop over there and check it out! It is sooooo worth it! Genius!!!

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3 Responses to Scrap and Leftover Yarn Storage

  1. mrsdof says:

    I like to crochet tote bags of scraps yarns, often using a cotton and acrylic together, with a size J hook. The knots don’t matter too much if seen– even gives it character. I often use an upright toilet paper holder, but this horizontal one is more pretty.

  2. Romi says:

    Your storage and yarn usage idea is genius. Make jar and/or can cozies with small bits of yarn.

  3. Gayle Fordice says:

    Your idea for the toilet paper holder is great. I have one I use when crocheting dollies and tablecloths with crochet thread.

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