Square Shawl Idea!

I have an issue with only wanting to do fast projects, but I find so many cute projects and squares that I always wind up attempting to start these large afghans and assuring myself I’ll keep going. I’ll do a whole bunch and be up to my elbows in squares, but it’s not nearly enough for the throws still!

Well, the Caron Yarn site has the lovely free pattern for the Savannah Shawl, designed by Randy Cavaliere. I adore the idea of putting squares together to make a shawl! It looks so elegant and also unique compared to the triangle ones everywhere! (Which I also luv!)

Well, the squares are 8″ x 8″, so I thought, “Why not see if my piles of abandoned afghan squares could be put together to work for a shawl so that I can have a reason to use these pretty squares patterns, yet only work on them just long enough to lose interest!” I laid them all out on the floor to see if it would work, and sure enough! It should work out fine!

Square Shawl Blog

Anyone else out there have piles and piles of gorgeous squares tucked around that you couldn’t bare to get rid of? Are you gonna try this?? It’s hard to choose between all the beautiful patterns sometimes, I know!!

Square Shawl Blog 2


Savannah Shawl (Click on picture to take you to free pattern on Caron Site!)

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3 Responses to Square Shawl Idea!

  1. I may do this! It looks beautiful! I don’t know anyone who wears a shawl though. 😦

  2. Kathaleen says:

    Precisely what truly moved you to create Window Shade “Square Shawl Idea!
    | craftyghoul”? Ireally loved it! Thanks -Eloisa

    • craftyghoul says:

      I just have so many squares sitting around from where I start a large afghan and yet never get around to finishing it! I wondered if any other crafters out there had the same stacks of unfinished squares around. Squares that are too pretty to toss away, and then you realize all of a sudden that unfinished afghan is actually an almost completed shawl, or purse! Or so many other things that can be made with creatively placing squares! And the shawl on the Caron site, (you can find the shawl pattern for that by clicking on that picture up there) is sooo beautiful!

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