Aquaman: The Trench (New 52 vol. 1)


Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench

OMG, I am loving Aquaman so much! I am so glad I decided to try this comic! I think Aquaman is one of my new favorite superheroes!

The artwork in this comic is very beautiful and I’m loving drinking in every page. It is both exciting and hooks me to keep turning the page to see what happens next! I feel bad for poor Aquaman because of the disrespectful way everyone treats him in the comic! I thought that was just a joke on television, but in the comics the same thing really happens to him. Aquaman, however, is a really hardcore guy! He’s powerful and intelligent and sexy too! His lady, Mera, is also a hottie!

The bad guys from the trench are very creepy and I enjoy fearing what they’re going to do next! They are an awesome creation and I’m really impressed! The whole Atlantis-is-real-but-a-mystery is intriguing as well! I haven’t gotten to a place to see it yet, but I love the mythology and hints at it’s real existence, even though no one on land seems to believe it’s real.

I would definately recommend reading Aquaman! I am now a serious Aqua-fan! I even ordered an Aquaman shirt to advertise my Aqua-love! I’m getting it from You can click on the picture for a link to it if you want your own, or click on the Aquaman comic picture up there to go to and get your own copy of the Aquaman comic!


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