Finished Bunnies!

Remember the Bunnies I was working on from the pattern/tutorial that you can find by clicking on this picture below or ‘hopping’ over to the green dragonfly blog?



Well, I finished the bunnies I was working on! (Scroll down for pictures of the ones I made.) I’m very proud of them, and plan to give one to my Mom, Grandma-Linda, and my Great-Aunt DD!

I am very grateful that Janette over at the green dragonfly blog shared this pattern/tutorial so that I could make these cute lil’ bunnies!!! I had a lot of fun with these and the intervals of the color changes kept me entertained much better than other critters I have attempted to make. I often times lose interest and toss the projects to the side. I can’t believe I actually stuck with these long enough to make a whole three of them, haha! Her tutorial was really easy to follow along with too, and that always makes everything more enjoyable!I would definitely recommend giving these carrot-munchers a try and then stalking Janette’s blog for past/future project ideas, hehehe!

Here are the pictures of the ones I did!!

Front of bunnies

Bunny tails

Bunny close up

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