Free Four Leaf Clover Crochet Pattern


I’m not claiming that this is the most original or unique pattern ever, haha! I was just looking around everywhere for a cute, simple four leaf clover pattern so I won’t get pinched by some creeper on St. Patrick’s Day, and it just seemed like everyone was making it more complicated than it should be. So I looked up a picture and just whipped this one up myself. So get to it, crochet palz, and get your green-on!! Tee-hee, *snort*!

Four Leaf Clover Crochet Pattern

Rnd 1) Ch 2, (sc, ch 1) in the second ch from hook 5 times. Sc two more times in the ring, and then join with a sl st.

Rnd 2) Sl st to the first ch-1 space. (That should be just sl stitching in the next st and beginning the first leaf.) For the first leaf: *(Ch 2, tr, dc, tr, ch 2, sl st) in that same ch-1 space, then sl st into the next ch-1 space. Repeat from* three more times so that you’ll have four leaves and you’ll be ending with a sl st in the stitch after the forth leaf.

Stem: It should now appear that there are two unworked stitches along the bottom of the leaf and you will sl st in one, make the stem and then join in the second one to finish. To make the Stem, sl st in the next st, ch 5, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and the last 3 chains so that you’re working back up toward the leaves. Secure the stem by joining with a sl st in the very last st of the round.


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