The Flash: Move Forward (New 52 vol. 1)

The Flash: Move Forward (New 52 vol 1)


Click on the picture to take you to where you can buy The Flash Vol 1 on!

I decided to give the Flash comic book a try, and though I wasn’t sure about it through the first issue, once I got into the second and third issue I’ve decided it’s definitely one of my favorites!!

I love science and physics, and I can tell this is gonna be full of it! In the beginning it seemed like Barry (The Flash) was going to be way too average of a person and not have enough baggage, but once he’s in costume and zooming around his character is much more rich. This comic brings up all kinds of topics that have to do with time and speed that are really fun to consider. That’s what’s really hooking me at this point, yet the longer I read, the more Barry grows on me!

I’m not completely through with Vol 1 yet, but I’m happy to have another comic to follow along with! This is in my top three favorites, the first being The Mighty Thor, (or Journey into Mystery…really anything with Loki in it, but I love a lot of the characters in Thor.) The second is Aquaman! I looooooove Aquaman! He has to put up with a lot of crap, though! Now The Flash is on that top list!

I haven’t been updating my comic fascination as often as I should, so I’ll list all the other ones I’ve been adoring: Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Superman, Nightwing, Batman, Batman and Robin, and Animal Man and Swamp Thing are AWESOME!!!

I’m thinking about giving The Justice League and X-Men a try, but I think I’m going to collect some back issues of Batman and Robin and Thor first!

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