Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Video Game)



So I finally gave Skyrim a try, and I LOVE IT! It’s soooo cool how much detail you can put into designing your character! I took my time and got my character to look just like me! It lets you design down to the detail, as in the height of the cheekbones and the width of the nose! I adore games that let me dote over character design!

The world is HUGE, and I enjoy talking to everyone I see for potential quests. I’m getting used to switching the camera angel with the controller, which was something I had so much trouble with when I first started gaming. I’d be staring at the sky and then people’s boobs without being able to simply direct my sites to where I’m trying to go!  I’m really getting the hang of it now, though!

The scenery is so, so, so, so beautiful! I keep standing around gawking at the mountains, the rivers, the trees, and the quaint villages. It’s relaxing…until I get attacked by wolves, lolz! I’m also apparently not a very good thief because I keep getting arrested even when I didn’t mean to steal some random object that I was attempting to buy. That’s not nearly as bad as when I forget which button to hit and wind up punching a lady instead of speaking to her to see if she has a quest for me! I kept doing that a lot to start with, but now I’m even able to bonk people with my shield after blocking their attacks! WHAP! Take that! Now marvel at my fancy footwork!!

I would definitely recommend getting the Skyrim guide for tips, maps, and everything you need to understand what in the heck you need to do to be prepared for your quests and how to successfully become the warrior, mage, or thief that you dream to be!

All in all, I can tell I’m going to be spending a lot of time on this game!

For all my crochet palz out there, I have found a couple of awesome crochet patterns you might be interested in! This one is $5.00 and you can get it here on Ravelry!





And here is another pattern I like that you can get here on Etsy for $8.50!




I don’t see an available pattern for these pet Skyrim costumes, but give this blog a peek for inspiration and general coos and awes for these puppy doggies!!!!




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