Doodle Time!!!













I have been having a BLAST doodling up a storm! My hair is black now, so of course I had to do some new display pictures for myself, and I made quite the variety of me on the computer, crocheting, staring, listening to headphones, hehehe! I also made a doodle of Valtiel wearing his fedora. Awe, so handsome! And I made another picture of one of Valtiel’s buddies! (He’s the one with the beard!)

So that’s what I’ve been up to, other than crocheting my brains out and creating the free slipper pattern I posted earlier today!


crochetstuckyellowhat Jacobstuck Jeskacomputerstuck jeskaheadphonestuck jeskaheadphonestuckcraftyghoul Jeskastuckdisplaypicjohnstuck

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