She-Hulk Vol. 1: Single Green Female


She-Hulk Vol. 1: Single Green Female

I decided to try the She-Hulk comics from back in November, 2007, and as you can probably tell by the way I doodled myself as She-Hulk, I am so glad I did! She-Hulk’s other identity is Jennifer Walters, a very clever layer, though she was shy and just didn’t feel like a witty, outspoken diva when a simple, normal human. She loves being She-Hulk, but her party personality keeps causing her problems. For one, she was living in the Avengers mansion, but she partied even harder than any of them and they threw her out! (She also brings home lots of lovely gentlemen on a regular basis.)

But at least her sleeping around doesn’t seem like it’s because of some kind of self esteem crises, rather she just wants to have a good time!

She gets hired right away to work for a very prestigious law firm in a position she’s been coveting all of her life! The only catch is that they want her to worn in the form of Jennifer Walters, and NOT She-Hulk, which is a big deal to She-Hulk because she LOVES being The Big Green and saving the world! This firm gives her cases having to do with superhuman subjects, which she seems miffed about at first, but I’m getting the impression she really needs to stop looking at humanity as weak just for begin vulnerable and that might be one of her personal growth agendas throughout these comics. I mean, a male underwear model breaks up with her because he wants a relationship with more depth.

She-Hulk is a very strong, intelligent, and independent woman who is happy with her superhero self, yet who seems to have a fear of being vulnerable. She is really growing on me as a person I’d like to be friends with, only I don’t think I could keep up with her party lifestyle, hehehe.

I’m excited to find out what’s going to happen next, and I plan to buy several more volumes, at least 2 through 5, to keep up with her story. I would recommend She-Hulk to anyone looking to empathize with a sassy, clever, friendly woman with a side of late-night work research! I want to grow with this super heroine!


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