First Ever Craftyghoul Challenge: Awesome-up the Octopus!

Hello, my crafty little ghoulz!

This is going to be our very first Craftyghoul Challenge! Crochet it, enter it so your name goes in the drawing, and I draw later to see who’ll get the prize! I’m super excited, and have even made a lil’ artwork for inspiration to the project!

First Craftyghoul Challenge:

My challenge to all my ghoulz out there is for you to make your own creative version of my free octopus pattern! You can have as many entries of your name into the drawing for the prize as you feel like making different octo-palz!

You can use my suggested images if you’d like, but I encourage you hunt down adorable accessory patterns, experiment with your own stitches, and even drag out the felt and Sculpty-clay if need be! Or…you can always use extra lovely yarn, fuzzy yarn, textured yarn, or yarn with an interesting pattern and simply make an Octo-buddy with a unique look/feel without turning it into a recognizable character. Just awesome-up the octopus!

My inspiration picture here includes, from top left: Loki, Captain America, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Link from Zelda, and Dracula. Of course it looks like Dracula! No, it’s not an alien wearing lipstick! It’s Dracula! Yes it is! YESITISYESITISYESITIS!!!! UGH!!!

Starling's inspirational octo-buddy doodles: Loki, Capt. America, Dr. Who, Harry Pattern, Link from Zelda, and Dracula. Yes it is Dracula! What do you mean it looks more like an alien?! No!

Starling’s inspirational octo-buddy doodles: Loki, Capt. America, Dr. Who, Harry Pattern, Link from Zelda, and Dracula. Yes it is Dracula! What do you mean it looks more like an alien?! No!

Click this picture to take you to the free octopus crochet pattern!

Click this picture to take you to the free octopus crochet pattern!


Right now I’m thinking that the prize is going to be a crochet hook case like the one I have a free pattern for here on the blog. I’ll make it with my very own ghouly hands! I think I have enough of the fabric I used to make the tutorial left to make another one; other than that, though, I have not yet chosen a fabric. I’ll post pictures as I gather the supplies and put it together, and keep you all updated! Do y’all like this fabric? I searched everywhere to finally find some old-time sewing machine fabric!

Sewing Tutorial for a Crochet Hook Case

Sewing Tutorial for a Crochet Hook Case

Challenge Deadline:

I want to make sure you all have plenty of time to brainstorm, find inspiration, hunt down accessory patterns, and go through the trial and error of perfecting your creation! The deadline for your submissions isn’t going to be until October 31st, 2013!

How to submit your entry:

*To make it simple, just send a picture and how you want me to contact you to the Craftyghoul page. To be more specific and clear any questions:

1) Snap some picture(s) of your completed Octo-buddy….ones that you won’t mind me posting to show off your work. I guess if you’re in a hurry you can just take one picture…but come on! You worked hard! Show it off!

2) Jot down any accessory patterns you make if you’re willing to let me share what you did to make your octo-buddy, or keep up with links you used for tutorials/patterns you found online so we can give them credit. This way everyone that is envious of your creation will be able to make their own. If you are secretive and not wanting to share your variations or just plain hate jotting down what you’re doing as you go along, that’s okay. You don’t have to share what you did to be entered into the drawing; just the picture. Remember, though, that we’ve all seen that ‘cutest-pattern-in-the-world’ that someone simply neglected to write down what they did and made us bawl our eyes out that we now can’t recreate one for ourselves.

3) Message your pictures and info to the Craftyghoul Facebook Page. Don’t forget to tell me your name and/or a way for me to contact you if you win. Also, I want to share the variations you make on this blog to show off the skillz my ghoulz have, so tell me if you want me to link to you for credit if you have a blog or something, or if you want me to use your name, or if you want to be incognito and we can just jot down ‘anonymous’ as the creator. I want you all to be comfortable with your privacy, but on the other hand, know that I want to get you attention if that’s what you want! Hehehe!

* Please message your entry to my Craftyghoul Facebook page.

How the winner will be chosen:

Once I receive your entry, I’ll put your name into a drawing.  After the deadline, I’ll draw a name and contact the winner with the information you provide me with your entry. I’m planning on paying the shipping, but keep in mind that I live in the USA and I’m not all that familiar with international shipping…so I suppose US entries only are eligible for the prize. But you can still make an Octo-buddy and share it with us even if you aren’t in the US! I just….don’t know anything about how to mail a prize anywhere outside this country without sawing my leg off to try and pay for the shipping.

I’m not exactly expecting to get a ka-zillion entries, so right now I’m thinking there will be one winner. If I’m wrong and dozens of people magically come out of the woodwork with eyes glaze in Octo-buddy adoration, then I’ll most likely whip up a couple hook cases and draw a few names to make things more fair.

Good luck ghoulz!!!


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