The Mighty Thor, Marvel Masterworks Vol: 1




Marvel Masterworks The Mighty Thor Vol: 1

I just read the issue of Journey into Mystery where Loki first made his appearance!!! (Journey into Mystery #86, I think?) That was before the Thor comics when Thor was still Dr. Don Blake! They mentioned Asgard in a brief, but awesome way, and the rainbow bridge! It was great!!!

Loki was so crafty and definitely did not disappoint! So mischievous!! I’m able to start from the very beginning of Thor because Marvel is selling collections starting from the very beginning in their Marvel Masterworks series. The first one includes the Journey into Mystery comics where Thor first appeared and then continues on, including all the comics he was in! There are a LOT of Thor-related comics, though, so there are a whole bunch of Mighty Thor Masterworks volumes I don’t yet have.

Starting with this one, though, I’m really glad I decided to start collecting them! Some people were saying that it was too simple and cheesy, but that’s one of the things I ADORE about it!!! The backgrounds aren’t super complicated, and everyone states what they are doing in the pictures just to make absolute sure we’re understanding what we’re seeing, even when it’s super obvious! That is so charming! The character think out loud and state the obvious, and I’m eating it up!! I found I can even read it out loud to Valtiel (husband) and he can see what’s going on in his head just by the statements alone without even glancing over at the pictures, haha!

OMg, I’m loving it so much!

You can read more about it here.

The Masterworks books can be pretty expensive sometimes, but I got mine for a pretty good deal on They have new ones for under $15.00, last time I checked!

One last thing! Remember that picture I drew where I made Valtiel=Thor, and I was Loki and hiding behind him because our pet Turtle had turned into Turtle=Hulk and was mad at me again? Yeah! That was fun. The end, lolz!


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