Pocket Bunny!


This is a picture I found online but I’m not sure of the origin of this little tutorial.


Okay, ghoulz. If you click on the picture above it will link to where I found this tutorial picture, but I can’t tell from that site if this is their original picture or not. If you know where the origin of this pic is, let me know!

Now that we have that out of the way, check out that kewl idea up there for a lil’ bunny! I’m imagining him as pocket size, so I’m going to do my best to follow the picture and make one of my own.

I decide to make more of a rectangle than a square, so I did this with Red Heart Yarn and a K hook:

Rw 1: Ch 13, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across. (12 sc)

Rw 2-15: Ch 1, turn. Sc in same st and across. (12 sc)

In the picture up there they use blue yarn so you can tell where they weaved the yarn through. I used white so it wouldn’t be visible. You thread your yarn through the center from left to right, then weave it in and out up to the center top of the square/rectangle, then weave it back down to where you started. After this you can pull that yarn tight so that the head closes around your stuffing/cotton ball and the ears turn in for that cute shape. Then sew it down the back, stuff the body and sew the bottom closed.

I made the puff tail by wrapping the yarn around my index finger about 20 times and then using a yarn needle to feed the yarn through the center and tie it in place…then sew it to the body. On another note, doing this I made it a little too tight and it got stuck on my finger. I cursed at it and dug until it finally came off because I was too lazy to unwind it and start over more loosely. Bunny tail at your own discretion.

march 2014bunny from a square1

march 2014bunny from a square2

march 2014bunny from a square3


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4 Responses to Pocket Bunny!

  1. Karen says:

    That’s adorable! Crocheting is definitely something I’ve been trying to pick up, but never had the time to really learn. :c I’m definitely going to try this when I do get the hang of all the hooks and basic techniques.

    • craftyghoul says:

      It’s totally worth learning! I make cool stuff for my pals for the holidays and there are so many sites out there with free patterns. I have some crochet instruction videos on my blog page titled Crochet Instruction.

    • craftyghoul says:

      Am I confusing you? I’m Craftyghoul and Starling from the Starling blog, haha! Sometimes I forget to sign out of one when I comment on other stuff. My admin name on the Craftyghoul Facebook page is Starling, so I just use that name for all my different stuff, and I made a personal admin blog to talk about gaming and comics and my everyday adventures.

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