Baby Blanket, Hat, and Booties project with links to free patterns!

Alright. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been pretty sick and very limited in what I can do, but I THINK I managed to track down the patterns I was using to create these projects that I started and have only recently been able to finish 7 months later! I had jotted them down and tucked them into my crochet project bag which is why I had to hunt down where I found the free patterns now.

I think the daisy blanket square pattern came from this link. I personally used a K hook and just made enough squares to turn it into a baby blanket. I was kind of winging it on the picket border since at the time I didn’t remember where I got the pattern from.

The booties definitely came from this link! They are fireman boots or galoshes! So cute! I used a g hook like they suggested on the 0-3 month sized boots, and then I used an F hook to make a smaller newborn version just in case.

The hat pattern, I used the center of the daisy square pattern to make the flowers to go on them, and I’m fairly certain I used the basic beanie pattern at this link. I used a K hook instead of a J hook though because I don’t have a J hook, and I kept the stitches tight to make up for it. I kind of crochet tight because of anxiety anyway.

Hope you enjoy, ghoulz!

~ Starling

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