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You can follow our cat, Toby Toebeans, here on his blog, or follow his Facebook page here. He loves new fur-riends!

If you’re interested in my children’s books, you can follow me on Starling’s Blog.

Oh! And I also know this really good writer named Billy Eden! You should check out the epic fantasy novels here!


A little about me (Starling):

My name is Starling. I’m a writer. I love to crochet and enjoy creating patterns of all kinds. I like comic books and gaming. I love the smell of crayons. I’m an artist and I use all kinds of different crafty methods to bring to life the subjects in my head. I love pajamas and rarely change into day-clothes if I don’t have to. I sometimes drastically change my hair color just to mix things up a bit. I’m VERY happily married to my bestest ol’ friend ever! He is so good to me and encourages me to follow my dreams. I refer to him as Valtiel or Master Betty when I mention him. I obsess over my pet turtle, Turtle, who is bent on world domination, and my cat October, who we call Toby Toebeans. I believe in the power of positive thinking and an attitude of gratitude!

craftyghoul family photo

Some of the other things I love, love, love in this world, (not necessarily in this order, haha), are: Spongebob, anime, Godzilla, sharks, reading, candles, coffee and tea, bubble baths, yoga, Tattoo art (I don’t have any tattoos), art, drawing, and doodles. Here are the links to a couple charities I personally like, but I don’t work for them or anything like that. You should check ’em out:

Project_Night_NightLogo     linktous_lit_medium



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