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A little about me (Starling):

My name is Starling. I’m a writer. I love to crochet and enjoy creating patterns of all kinds. I like comic books. I love the smell of crayons. I’m an artist and I use all kinds of different crafty methods to bring to life the subjects in my head. I love pajamas and rarely change into day-clothes if I don’t have to. I’m VERY happily married to my bestest ol’ friend ever! He is so good to me and encourages me to follow my dreams. I obsess over my pet turtle, Turtle, who is bent on world domination. I believe in the power of positive thinking and an attitude of gratitude!

Starling, Mizzy the Kitty, Master Betty, and Turtle.

Starling, Mizzy the Kitty, Master Betty, and Turtle.

Some of the other things I love, love, love in this world, (not necessarily in this order, haha), are: Spongebob, Dragonball Z, Godzilla, Tattoo art (I don’t have any tattoos), art, drawing, doodles, chibis, jewelry, (or as I like to refer to it: treasure), cosplay and geek fashion, (mainly because all the accessories I create wind up falling under this category), and you can probably tell by my name, I love birds; starlings being my favorite. I love chickens and all kinds of animals!

Please be patient with me: My pitiful problems: Bleh!!!!

Boo-hoo and whine, whine, whine, haha. Just a heads up if you’re gonna try to follow along with me. I have my up, driven times where I blab on and on and think too much and too hard about sometimes pointless subjects. I also have down times where I probably can’t write for a while because I get sick a lot. I have a panic disorder with agoraphobia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and on and on…crazy, crazy, crazy. As a result of my panic disorder and agoraphobia, I attempt feeling like I can socialize by using only the safety of my computer. Live chatting is impossible for me, and I am sometimes very limited in my ability to answer comments or inquiries immediately…so just don’t ever feel my hesitation to communicate means you did anything wrong. I have a general acceptance and love for everyone and everything. I love to laugh so it’s easy to amuse me and chances are I like ya and am just feeling the hesitancy of anxiety and need to hide for a bit.


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