Volunteer Your Hook

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Hey y’all! If you love to crochet and you love to help out in the community there are so many fun ways that you can use your crochet skills to make a difference. Whatever cause nips at your heart the most, search around for a yarny way to help out! There are opportunities all over the place to spread love with yarn!

Make sure when searching that the organization stands for the things you believe in. Read their mission statements and ‘about’ information. Find things that will truly help the cause. Well, you know the drill! Make sure they’re legit! Also, before you start your projects, find out if there are certain sizes or items that they are most in need of, and be sure that you know if they are requesting you use certain brands of yarn; such as if you make chemo caps or baby blankets. They might want extra soft material to snuggle in or hats that can be worn year round!

You can also brainstorm for ways to help out locally, alone, or even get a group together and set a goal to make so many items by a certain date! You can make a bulk of easy little items in your spare time or you can set a challenge for yourself or group to auction and raise money for charity! Use your imagination! There are plenty of ways to make a difference! Crocheters matter!

I’ll be adding new posts from time to time by subject where I’ll discuss what you can do and where/how you can help based on the type of project you prefer to do. (There’s only one for now, but I plan to add more someday.)

Prayer Shawls, Comfort Wraps, Healing Shawls



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