Crochet Instruction

Where is the end ermergerd

Okay crochet groupies! This is my attempt to introduce you into the awesomely addictive world of crochet! I’ll explain as much as I can to ya and even try to add some trouble shooting advice.

I love creating new patterns. I am so glad I became familiar enough with this art to make gifts for my loved ones and endless accessories for all my geekery needs!

Starling’s Crochet Instruction Video links

Here are the organized links to the videos that you can click on and it will open in another window.

Magic Knot and How to Chain

How to Single Crochet

How to Double Crochet

How to Slip Stitch, Fasten off, and Joining to Form a Ring

Creating Rows, Turning Your Work, and Keeping the Sides Even/Straight

Starling’s Photo Tutorials

How to Make a Granny Square Blanket (Or Simple Granny Square) for Beginners

Other helpful Crochet Info.

Free Crochet Pattern Sites

Crochet Equipment

Happy Yarn Storage


1 Response to Crochet Instruction

  1. Eve Learmont says:

    Thank you for the great video’s and for being kind enough to put them on You tube. It is much easier to learn this way great tut’s.

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