Life Update

Hello, my crafty ghouls! I suppose it’s time for another life update! As you may have guessed by the picture, we’re expecting our first baby! She is due in late December, and we’re so excited! She is a healthy baby, they me, but my health has been a struggle through this. I think everything is gonna be fine, though, ghoulz!

We’ve had so much going on! This October was our 16 year wedding anniversary! We moved to a bigger townhouse to have room for a nursery, and we’ve been so busy moving, arranging, and planning to get everything we need on our baby registry and also to learn all the basics we need to know to be good parents! Toby Toebeans has been doing great, and he adjusted to the new townhouse in no time! He is the little prince of his castle and is enjoying all the easily accessible windows to watch out of.

I had planned to do so many baby crochet projects, buy my health took a really harsh turn and I’m not able to take most of my medications. I stepped down on anything that might be even remotely questionable for healthy baby growin’ a few months before we were planning to start trying again for a baby. I thought I was doing pretty well, but the pregnancy and many stresses that hit us at once out of nowhere have hit me very hard. My fibromyalgia decided to flare up, and pregnancy fatigue on top of chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t the most stimulating circumstance. Morning sickness and depression popped up early and NEVER WENT AWAY. I’m on medication for it, but I’ve become so anemic that they have me on iron now. I’ve wound up losing about 8 pounds and haven’t gained ANYTHING yet, and I’m 8 months in. They say she’s doing great in there, though, and I’m trying all I can to take care of us properly. My husband (Valtiel/Master Betty) has been doing ALL THE THINGS and is so helpful and caring. I’m a lucky chick to have so much support!

So, I haven’t been able to do a zillion projects to show off, but I have been slowly starting to feel a bit better as of late, and I was finally recently been able to finish a crochet baby blanket and two sizes of matching hats and booties that I had started in the first month before everything hit me so hard. I will share pictures of those projects in my next post and try to link to what I can remember about where I found the patterns. I jotted down the patterns hastily and then the projects sat there partially finished forever, so I’m not sure if I remember exactly where I found them.

Oh! I was able to create a little heart strip crochet baby hat for size newborn to 3 months, and I’m going to try to upload that free pattern soon to share with you! I’m hoping to make matching booties, but we’ll see how things go.

And that’s about it, ghoulz! I look forward to sharing patterns with y’all!


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