Free Crochet Pattern Sites

There are all kinds of free patterns you can get online to keep yourself entertained, surf for specific things you’d like to create, or even just browse around when you have no idea what you’re wanting to do next. I find the yarn companies that want you to have plenty of projects so you’ll use their yarn are very helpful, so look up your favorite yarn brand and see if they have patterns catered to your yarn type! Many of these sites will let you create an account so that you can keep a list of your favorites. I’d say it’s totally worth it, otherwise you’ll find the most awesome pattern and then several weeks later you’ll have no idea where you saw it. I would suggest keeping a list of your favorite crochet sites on the same page in the back of your binder and keep your user name and password for each of those sites right there with it. I used to get so frustrated before I began to do this because I would make a list of patterns I loved and wanted to save to work on later when I ran out of things to do but then months would go by and when I went back I couldn’t remember my password! I eventually just picked a day and visited all the sites creating accounts with the same user name and password and now keep it in my binder as well!

Sometimes you’ll need to find and click on “free patterns” if the site has both free and $$$ patterns. Also, don’t forget to narrow your search to crochet projects so that you don’t keep finding knitting patterns you like a third of the time and then getting frustrated when you realize it’s not for crochet. There’s plenty for crochet alone!

Here are my all time favorite pattern sites. I may add to them anytime I find another awesome one!

Don’t forget, though, that many times you can find patterns to buy that can be just what you were looking for in an upcoming special occasion. Keep up with your favorite pattern creators just as you do your fav. free patterns sites so you don’t miss out on their new stuff! I personally use Etsy because I have access to all kinds of different individuals with completely different style! I search under patters, and then the project type is crochet, of course!

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