Upcycled T-shirt

Upcycled T-shirt

Upcycled T shirt Image

My hubby just gave me a huge pile of really cool men’s T-shirts that he no longer wears after cleaning out our closet. I have lost a lot of weight over this last year and am not so quick to want to hide in large T-shirts anymore like I used to, but I am totally a T-shirt lover and couldn’t bare to throw the shirts out. I decided that I’d try to find a way to make them more feminine and even sexy, and after a quick search for inspiration around the web I found just the right combination that works for me!

All I’ve done is simply cut a deeper neckline on the shirts to give them a boatneck and then I added elastic into the bottom hem of the T-shirts. This makes the shirts hug my hips and show more skin on the top yet retain the comfortable loungy T-shirt feel. I am so happy with the outcome! I love layering these shirts over tall tank tops with complementary colors!

To decide the length of the elastic I simply pulled the elastic around my hips and clipped it at the length that I felt would be snug but not too tight. This upcycle method is really easy to eyeball and just wing it without extensive complicated measurements. I share some pictures of the process so you can raid your loved one’s closet and create some sexy from the plain!


Shirt diagram


Upcycle shirt cut guide


Upcycle shirt neck

Upcycle shirt elastic


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