Crochet Web Spam Day, August 3rd


August 3rd will be Valtiel’s birthday, and to celebrate we’re going to have a crochet web spam day all day so all my ghoulz can be in on the party!

I’ve even made a new header and display picture for the Facebook page:



That’s me being Spiderman and crocheting a big Craftyghoul sign for all to see! So as you can see, I’m having a great time with it! I think Spiderman is the perfect superhero to understand a crochet obsession, ya know, ghoulz??

Oh! And I doctored up Valtiel’s picture to look like Carnage, (his favorite Spiderman super villain.)



Oh, yeah! And one last thing. I made up a song.

*clears throat*


Spider hook, spider hook!
Wearin’ out the pattern book!
Got some web; well it’s yarn…
Now it’s tangled ’round my arm…
Spider hook!!!!!!!


Whatcha think? No? Okay…just…just tryin’ it out is all. *snort, snort, snort*

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