Really Sad News


I have some achingly sad news to share with you that I just shouldn’t put off anymore.

Our Mizzy the Kitty passed away back in May. I haven’t posted about it until now because I was just too devastated to actually type it out and be able to handle the reminders when I get supportive sympathy comments, if that makes any sense. I had been trying to run from thinking about it the best I could, using every distraction available, and I’m still running trying to deal with in short, slow little bursts before desperately grabbing for something to occupy my mind with.

She was entwined in everything in my life, from the children’s book I wrote about her, to her Facebook page of kitty updates. Oh, god…I haven’t even updated her page to tell her fans…I can’t. I just can’t handle the thought of logging into my Facebook feed and seeing those little globes alerting me of all the sympathy comments or sad reacts bringing me back to the realization that I’ve lost her. I miss her so much, you guys!

She was a very old little kitty, and she was comfortable and happy up until the very end with plenty advice from her veterinarian. Old age just caught up to her. She passed at home in my husband’s arms. She didn’t seem in pain, just ready to move onto the next kitty adventure across the rainbow bridge. Turtle seemed to know that it was time, and she came out of her usual turtle-hiding-spot to the edge of her tank and looked out of the glass at my husband, whose heart was breaking. I’m serious. I really think she knew, you guys. Our Turtle knew and was affected. I think she was worried about us. Such a sweet turtly overlord.

She was such a helpful kitty, always doing everything we were doing. She was always down for a nap with us no matter the time of day. She was sassy, she was smart, and she was loved. I will never forget my Mizzy Kitty, and I’m glad she’s immortalized in a book and has her facebook page as a memorial. Thank you, Mizzy Kitty. I will love you forever.

Here are some pictures.


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