Illusive December

Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome Zelda is before now?!!! I’ve only been playing Ocarina of Time off and on for a week now and I’m already getting sucked into Link Obsession! Must…have…more…rupees…. RUPEES!!!!!

Christmas is coming up fast, so I’m spending a lot of time crocheting gifts in a time limit; which I’m NOT good with, haha! Crafting season is now in full swing!!! There should be plenty crochet pictures after the holidays, though! I’m not getting as much time as I want to experiment with my new gaming hobby, but I am playing several different things a little every day that I’ll be able to blog about later: Castlevania, Devil May Cry 3, Lego Harry Potter years 1-4, and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m enjoying them all so far!!

I’m working on finishing an older Supergirl trilogy that I had been trying to get a hold of for years now, and I finally have all three, so I’ll chat about that when I’m done. I’m all caught up with the Journey into Mystery and have the one coming out tomorrow on preorder! Loki! Lokilokilokilokilokilokiloki!!!! Aaaaaaand…I’m caught up with The Mighty Thor comics now and anxiously awaiting the next volume to release! I LOVE Thor!

I’m getting a pile of new comic volumes for Christmas, I’m thinking! My husband asked Santa for a Swamp Thing theme because Swamp Thing is AWESOME! Yeah! So I’m gonna have a lot of comics to blog about after the holidays as well.

Man, my little crocheting digits are killing me! Ice! I need ice!

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