Crochet Book Review: “Afghans for all Seasons”

Crochet Book Review

Afghans for all Seasons (book 2), by Leisure Arts

book 2

This is my favorite afghan book that I’ve flipped through so far! The 52 patterns inside are displayed elegantly on full color pages. It feels like I notice a new afghan every time I thumb through it! There are so many patterns that I’d like to try that I had to give up on marking the pages and simply bookmark the pattern I’m currently working on!

That being said, I’m a small-project kind of person, so I rarely finish these larger tasks. It didn’t matter, though! The pages kept nagging at me to try the patterns to see if I could create such variously different works of art. During these random blanket-attacks that drove me to give some of them a try, I noticed that the patterns were very well written, and the instructions were very clear!

There is plenty of variety amungst the lovely patterns, and I’d venture to say there is something for everyone’s taste! They divide their pattern themes into the four seasons and the colors they choose are inspirational as much as the designs. They have spring flowers, autumn stripes, winter snowflakes, and summertime ladybugs! Some of the patterns are reminiscent of traditional afghan styles and give off a comforting, warm feeling as I study them. There are a few cuddly soft baby blankets and thick, bobble-stitched (they call it honeycomb) winter blankets, and there is no shortage of unique, creative designs.

My cat and I fight over the baby blanket I made from page 32; Storytime, it’s titled. I tweaked the pattern just a little to make it wider and longer to use as a throw on the couch. I usually wind up giving in and juggling my kitty against my chest, tucking the afghan in around us both, and then peeking over her head to see the laptop which I then have to stretch to reach. Once the house warms up later in the morning, though, she’ll allow me to let her sit across the blanket in my lap while I work on new crochet projects.

I definitely recommend this book whether you’re a ‘seasoned’ crocheter or a beginner. There seems to be something in there for everyone! I’ll add some pictures so you can see the colors I’ve used in my experimentations!

~ Starling

Ladybug crochet afghan pattern from "Afghans for all Seasons" by Leisure Arts.

Ladybug crochet afghan pattern from “Afghans for all Seasons” by Leisure Arts.

I tried to get a picture of the "Storytime" afghan from "Afghans for all Seasons", by Leisure Arts.

I tried to get a picture of the “Storytime” afghan from “Afghans for all Seasons”, by Leisure Arts.

"Garden of Flowers" square from "Afghans for all Seasons", by Leisure Arts.

“Garden of Flowers” square from “Afghans for all Seasons”, by Leisure Arts.

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