Project Marathon Saturday

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Do you have a hobby you LOVE to do so much that you just want an excuse to indulge in it all day long? Well here’s your chance! Every Saturday Valtiel and I pick our current most favorite project (s) and the plan is to buckle down, kick back, snub distractions, and go for it all day long!

We first make sure that all our other responsibilities are out-of-the-way and completed during the week so there will be only guilt-free fun and excitement all Saturday. We deserve that. You deserve that! It’s how life should be! Don’t move along saying when the grass is greener you’re going to take some time for yourself or teach yourself a hobby, finally beat that level on your game or do all the side quests, or set a stack of comic book volumes next to you and get caught up on all the back issues! You should regularly take time out for you NOW!

Now don’t get the idea that we’re couch potatoes or sitting around until our wrists and necks are killing us or going cross-eyed reading! No way! The trick is, we start out with a healthy breakfast and a simple bit of stretches. Anything will do just to get your body limber and ready for thinking and processing. Then we gather everything we need for the day: healthy enough snacks and make sure there’s a fresh new pot of coffee or gallon of tea made so there won’t be those distractions during the day. Then we set a timer for about an hour to an hour and a half depending on how often we plan to have stopping points in what we’re doing. When the timer goes off, we pause, get up, chug some water while we’re thinking about it, and then we walk together around the little half a block around our house a couple of times. We take the time to bond and chat about what we’ve accomplished so far, stretch our legs, and refresh our brains so we’ll be clear-headed and ready to go back to our projects without getting eye strain or fatigued from it!

We measure the length of the span we walk each time and just tally the amount of times we go around the short distance and add it up at the end of the day. It makes it seem like it’s nothing, but if we walk around three to five times each break before we know it we’ve walked half a mile to a mile on project day; and managed to bond and indulge in our favorite things in the world! What better way to stay fit, exercise your brain, learn new things, and make the most of your bonding time even while indulging your heart’s desire to do your favorite things?!

We’ll be posting on Facebook every Saturday to give updates on how our Project Marathon Saturday is going, and we’d love it if you’d synchronize, join us, and keep us posted on what you’re doing and how it’s workin’ for you!  Like our Facebook page here!

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