Seagull using the Free Circle Bird Decoration Pattern

I’ve been really busy lately! Maybe a little too busy for comfort. My mind is scattered and yet commanding that I forget about sleep and get lots of things accomplished! Like…random things…that I had no interest or forewarning the day before that there was a plan in my brain to do at all. Hopefully, though, my readers can get some fun out of this as I share my projects (that-came-out-of-nowhere-and-ate-at-my-brain-until-I-agreed-to-do-them) with you!! ūüôā

First, let’s start out with this seagull I made for my dad, (Navy veteran.)

I used the Free Circle Bird Decoration Pattern I put together, which you can find here, and I used only white for the body, black for the tail-tuft, and then grey for the wings! Turned out really nice! I might have to make a few of these for my sea/beach-themed bathroom! (Pictures below. Um…of the seagull I crocheted, not pictures of my bathroom. *snort*)

Have any of you tried out the Circle Bird Decoration Pattern yet? When you do, share pictures on the Craftghoul Facebook page so we can all enjoy the inspiration! Find me on Facebook here:

Oh, and did I mention I’m on Twitter?¬†With Facebook I try to mostly stay on crochet topic, but I do tend to add a random¬†picture, link, or¬†comment about other things I’m excited about from time to time. You already know¬†that I share everything on my blog, and I guess with¬†Twitter¬†it’s the same as¬†the blog, only more in-the-moment as things are happening, and¬†ALL¬†KINDS of random thoughts going through my mind as well. So if¬†you’re wanting to stalk…er…keep up with me 24/7,¬†follow me on Twitter here:¬†



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