International My Chemical Romance Day!

Okay ghoulz! To celebrate International My Chemical Romance Day, (which is July 23rd), I’m gonna, of course, make a post suggesting how you can make your own crochet MCR Killjoy Mask!

It’s simple, hehehe, you either buy one of those cheep Halloween masks in the appropriate color and then either paint or use permanent marker to decorate it, or you can follow one of the many FREE crochet pattern links I’ve found for a mask shape that I will share with you further down. I prefer the idea of a cozy Killjoy sleep mask!

So, for those of you who don’t know who My Chemical Romance are, you can click here to go to the wiki page about the band, (they broke up…*sob*…but I’m still in creepy crazy denial), or you can surf around their site for as long as they still have it up where you can buy things and talk to other fanz and all that jazz here. Also, here ‘one’ of my favorite My Chemical Romance videos that might help to explain all the Killjoy stuff I keep going on about:

Now as you can see in the video, the band has different personas that they’re portraying based off of Gerard’s imagination and comic books that he wrote and published a little later, or is still publishing right now and I’ve been buying them. Gerard is the lead singer, by the way.

I’ll whip up a picture of mask inspirations, and then I’ll share the links to some FREE crochet patterns I’ve found for sleep masks/party masks for those of you with fidgety hooks ready to get started on your MCR tribute! Just pick the right colors and use a yarn needle to stitch on the embellishments like you see in my inspiration image bellow! (Or felt if you think that would be easier to shape and add to the mask.)

Here’s my MCR Killjoy Mask Inspiration Picture:

Killjoy Mask Inspiration

I have found four FREE crochet mask patterns, so just click on the picture to take you to those awesomely-awesome-sauce sites to check them out:

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And remember to keep running, Killjoys.


Why did the band have to break up???


OH WHYYYYYY????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pulls hair*

Okay..okay…I’m okay. It’s alright now. Everything’s okay. Breath.

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