My Chemical Romance inspired sleep mask crochet pattern


I didn’t make the actual sleep mask pattern for this! The mask itself is NOT my pattern! I made some adjustments to an inspiration pattern I found which I will describe in this post. For the original pattern that I keep referring to, you probably want to go to this link, or you can click on the picture of the ORIGINAL, ADORABLE Owl mask pattern and it will also take you to her blog and her free pattern. Am I making that clear enough? *snort* I’m describing a lot of changes and such, but the base mask pattern is hers, lolz, and here’s where you can find it:

Find the Repeat Crafter Me original pattern that I used here.

Find the Repeat Crafter Me original pattern that I used here.

What? I wanna make sure people get credit for their work, lolz! Okay, now skim down through this post first to see what I did differently to make your own Killjoy mask! You should be able to use what I’ve explained here to make any one of their masks.


What I did differently:
*I used a K (6.50 MM) hook and Red Heart Super Savor yarn. (I tried using an F (3.75 MM) hook at first, but it was a little small for me, but probably great for a kid! So…K hook for adult, F hook for a kid!



For the mask, I followed the pattern in the link pretty much spot on until the very last where she says to sc all the way around it. (That’s after row 23.) Instead, I chain 1, hdc in the same spot and work hdc all the way around the mask. In same places, like the very top of both sides of the eyes and all of the corner-type areas, I worked two hdc to make sure the mask didn’t begin to warp inward. So if the stitches seem too tight, just add an extra stitch here and there as you see fit, but if it’s turning out just fine then yo don’t have to.


*Make 4

*Use the same size hook as you use to make the mask.

I used the basic concept of the Owl nose from the inspiration pattern and added a mirroring side and a more pointed tip. Here’s what I came up with:
Ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, (dc, ch 2, sl st) in last ch. Pivot to work back up the chain. Ch 2, dc in same ch as the last sl st, hdc, sc. To create the point, ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, then join with a sl st in the very first sc of the triangle.
Dots on Party Poison Mask:

If you want to make the Party Poison sleep mask, for the light blue dots simply use only one round of the ‘eye’ pattern on the Owl Mask pattern I keep referring to.

The ‘X’ on Fun Ghoul’s sleep mask:

*Make 2 of these strips

Make sure to stitch these on before you add the triangles. With the same hook you used for everything else, chain 14, then sl st in the 2nd ch from hook and down the chain. Fasten off leaving tail long enough to sew strip to mask.


More Pictures

And now, here are a bunch of pictures of my Mizzy Kitty putting up with my crap like a real champ. She’s so easy to get along with. Oh, and then I’m adding a picture at the end that I whipped up to suggest what each of the masks could look like in case you need a guide for the other three, since I only made a Fun Ghoul one.






Killjoy Mask Inspiration

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  1. mimsmere3 says:

    Three years less two days after you’ve posted this mask, I’ve just found it and am suddenly finding it hilarious that you used your kitty to model it. Lol guess they’ve got to earn their kitty food somehow. Great job, btw. Looks great!

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