Comic Book Crochet Hook Case!

Hey ghoulz! Get ready to be envious!

I made a new Marvel Comic Book themed crochet hook case by using my Free Crochet Hook Case Sewing Pattern. If you want to make your own then just go to the link I just gave and give it a shot! It’s a pretty good little tutorial, I think! Well, of course I think so since I’m the one that made it, hehehe.  *snort*

These hook cases are designed with little places for yarn needles and a wider pocket area for a small (kid’s size) pair of scissors. Those are usually the only things I need along with my hooks and a pattern! I roll this up and toss it into my portable project bag along with the ongoing project and yarn and then drag it along everywhere I go! Then when I get home I never even take the stuff out. I leave it all in the project bag and this hook case so I can work on it on the couch or have it ready at the drop of a hat next time I leave!

My favorite characters, as you can probably tell by who’s centered and visible most often, are Thor and Spiderman!!! Yay!!!! Geeky luv!!!

inside comic book hook case

Outside comic book hook case

rolled comic book hook case

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