Craftyghoul’s Color Inspiration Spam Day on Facebook! Jan. 25th, 2014!

craftyghoul color wheel final

It’s January, and time for us to plan our projects! If you need inspiration on color combinations, I’ve been surfing around to find some! Join me on the Craftyghoul Facebook Page all day, (8AM-5PM), or join me every day to check out all the neat finds and FREE patterns that I dig up! If you can’t make it during the spam day, don’t forget to check the page and scan down through all the colorful posts at the end of the day!

Find your own favorite color schemes or online pictures, and share and link to them in the comments during Spam Day, (or even after spam day), to help all our ghoul friendz to find the perfect look! Don’t be shy to share your own projects for inspiration if you’re proud of your work too! Show it off, ghoulz! I luvz ya!

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