Cover for my footstool!

before and after footstool

I can NOT find the free pattern for the square that I used as the center of this foot stool, but I found a free square pattern online for the center of this project. To make the square large enough to fit, I simply started adding double crochet granny square-type rounds until it was wide enough, and then worked the rows with the exact same amount of stitches to make it go straight down the sides of the stool. (Meaning that in the corners I stopped doubling up the stitch clusters and treated them the same as I worked along the sides so it would stop getting larger and instead stay the same width. That’s how I make my hats, too. I work a wider and wider circle outward until the hat is as wide as I want it, and then I work straight down like I’m creating a cylinder shape.) Finally to make it a little more tight, I added a single crochet round or two.

I used a K hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn. 

If anyone knows what pattern this is, comment and let me know so I can share with everyone! (I have a whole bag of the center circles where I started to make a throw, and then I only got around to making about ten complete squares before I sat the project aside. Now I can’t find the pattern to finish it.)

Behold! My footstool!




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1 Response to Cover for my footstool!

  1. Jacquline says:

    That is such a great idea and an easy way to spice up old furniture.

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