Triforce Shield Shaped Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

triforce blankie3

My hubby is a big zelda fan, so I made this blankie for us to use when we have a baby! (Some day…) But who doesn’t need a Triforce baby blanket for their hope chest???

I made this pretty small, so it should be crib blanket size, or even stroller blanket size. I would assume you could make it bigger if you just keep making the triangles bigger. I wanted to make it square, at first, but then when I made the first half granny square to go on it I realized that if I sewed it in place it would wind up making it slightly off from a squared shape, but when I stepped back and looked at it, it became obvious that I had stumbled upon a shield shape! Had I been trying for that, it probably would have taken weeks to figure out!

This is made using a triangle bunting pattern that I found here, and a half granny square pattern that I got here. They’re both free patterns, and I’ll tell you what I did for the border in just a second.

First I’d like to remind you that the triangle bunting pattern is in UK terms, so you will be using US double crochets and NOT tr cr. I used the bunting pattern for the three gold triangles and the one center green triangle. I made the center triangle one round less than the three gold triangles. I did six rounds for each gold triangle, and five rounds for the center green triangle. I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn and  size K hook.

The three large triangles around the Triforce are half granny squares. Twelve rows on each of those matched up for the squares I made. Like I said before, you maybe able to adjust the size of the blanket by simply making larger gold triangles and then making the half granny squares larger until they fit proportionately. I used a yarn needle to sew it all together.

For the border, I worked in the back loops, and I did half double crochet stitches all the way around, one in each of the three stitches and then on in the chain between the fan stitches.  In each of the three corners, I worked (hdc, dc, hdc).

triforce blankie1

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