Crochet Bunnies Everywhere!!!!

I have been so obsessed with this FREE crochet bunny pattern lately! They are the most adorable bunnies ever!!!

I just made a nautical-themed bunny for myself so I can snuggz him and squeeze him! I just made up the hat as I went along and didn’t write it down, but I’m pretty sure you can find a much better one on ravelry or pinterest in a simple search. For the life preserver, I used a hook size a few times larger than I used for the bunny. I used an F for the bunny and a K for the preserver. I chained 10 and joined to form a ring. Then I worked 20 sc into the ring and joined with a sl st. Then I took some red and wound it around four different sides.





I made another one for Admin Important! She seems to like it! She deserves the bunny snuggz!



The first one I made was for my Great Aunt DD. We’re pen pals and I lurvz sending her lil’ crochet gifts whenever I can. She’s such a sweet lady! However, I made this bunny and became addicted to the bunniez patternz.

Bunny for DD 1


Now you must design your own bunniez! Follow the link up there to the FREE pattern and make ALL THE BUNNIES!!! Party on, ghoulz!

~ Starling


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