I made a Crochet Elephant from a FREE pattern I found!


Hey my crafty ghoulz! Check it out! I found a FREE pattern for this elephant, (and several other animals) at this link! You should really take a peek and see if you need to make one!

I made this for my Aunt K. for Christmas. I’m working on my Christmas presents early this year. She loves elephants. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t really use the internet much, haha, so I’m safe to go ahead and share this without spoiling it for her. (So if you know her don’t tell!) She also has a green thumb and is sooo talented at keeping her yard a little paradise, so I bet she’ll love the flowers and leaves on it, too! It just seemed a perfect fit! I know she’s grown and all…but hey I love getting plushies! Everyone needs a plushy sometimes no matter your age or maturity level!

The only eyes I have are cat eyes, haha, but I think they look great! I’m considering painting them black, though. I haven’t decided yet. Also, I used an F hook when the pattern called for a 2.0 hook, so I think this one turned out a little bigger than the pattern was meant to, but it’s just more to love!

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated! I had not been doing well for a very long time. My PTSD was bogging me down so heavily, but I think I’m doing a little better lately, so maybe I can do some posts on the Craftyghoul Facebook page and on here more often for a bit. I scheduled a post with a link to a free pattern on facebook for every Thursday for the next few months, so hopefully that will give some of my ghoulz some inspiration!

Keep on stichin’!


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1 Response to I made a Crochet Elephant from a FREE pattern I found!

  1. Pamela Muma says:

    So cute, and who doesn’t like a free pattern!

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