No Time for After-Holiday Blues! Time for Project Planning Excitement!

This is me going crazy without sleep when I can't stop crocheting every project I see.

This is me going crazy without sleep when I can’t stop crocheting every project I see.


Good morning, ghoulz!

There’s no time for after-holiday blues around here! We need to get busy in the most fun kinda way! Now is the time to clear out your old project lists, drag out your new calendar and take note of all the holidays, birthdays, etc… throughout the year, and start planning your projects!

Whether you’ll be making gifts or if it’s just one of those years you’re going to finally take time to create themed decorations for your own home that you can pass down the patterns for generations to come, (or share with friends that ask about them), we crafters can’t afford to have anything sneak up on us! We need time, man! Oh, and it’s gonna be so much stitchy fun!!!!

Valentines Day, Veterans Day, Awareness ribbons for everything we know of and care about, secret sister gifts, Easter, 4th of July! What charity project are you going to do this year? Are you in a club? Are you gonna set some big goals to crochet as a whole? Find someone to teach your craft to that’s been hinting about it! Learn a new stitch for your own adorable arsenal!

I like to keep up with all the patterns I find and all the projects I might work on, on the crochet sites that let you make project lists. I need to organize all those, and if you don’t follow one, it’s time to make you a profile! Check out, Pinterest, all the yarn sites like Red Heart Yarns, Caron, Lionbrand, etc..

What are you’re favorite sites where you keep up with stuff, ghoulz? Help us to get organized and get excited about all the fun stuff there is to do throughout the year! No time for the after holiday apathy here! 🙂

~ Starling



You can check out my free patterns on Ravelry and create a profile of your own to keep up with your projects here!

You can read my post about yarn organization here!

Get some ideas from my blog post here about what you might want to search for, for charity project ideas in your area!

I have a list of links to my favorite free pattern sites here!

If you’re new to crocheting, or are teaching someone to crochet and want them to have a couple back up videos for the basics for when they’re at home, remember my Crochet Instruction page where I have links to videos and lots of crochet info!


Have fun  and good luck! Party on, goulz!




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